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What are the Services Offered by the Diagnostic & Preventive Dentistry?

Are you also searching for the preventive & diagnostic services offered by the best dentist near me on the internet? If yes then as per the name recommended, the dentistry provides all the other services to prevent your dental problems related to the health situations before they begin. Dental health is essential for the health of your body. Gum disease has been connected with diabetes, heart problems, low birth weight, stroke, and other health issues. Healthy teeth are a less extensive and costlier dental process. One can keep the teeth healthy by brushing and flossing regularly and getting done with their regular dental exams.


Types of services

There are 5  different types of services provided by diagnostic and preventive dentistry and they are as follows-


#1 Dental cleaning

Dental Hygienist is the one who performs the treatment of dental cleanings. Sometimes, the daily flossing and brushing of your teeth do not eliminate the food particle that gets stuck in your teeth. Dental teeth cleaning is an element of oral hygiene that includes the elimination of dental plaque from teeth to avoid gingivitis, cavities, and periodontal disease.


Benefits of dental cleaning

  • Enhance your smile
  • Preventing tooth loss
  • Decreases the bad breath
  • Prevention of tooth decay


#2 Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography or digital x-rays are the latest and modern way of x-ray that appropriates digital sensors rather than photographic film, as with a traditional X-ray. The picture captured is transmitted to digital data instantly and is prepared for review in seconds.


Benefits of Digital x-rays

  • Digital x-rays enhance the picture quality.
  • They are easy to share.
  • Digital x-rays are fastly available and do not require any waiting time.
  • These are safe and require low radiation exposure.


#3  Mouth Guards

These are the protective elements for the mouth that is covered with teeth and prevent the gums. Also, it diminishes the injury of the teeth, lips, gums, and arches. They are also known as mouth protectors or sports guards which help the teeth from trauma, damage, and fracture.


Benefits of mouthguards

It will help in the protection of your

  • Teeth,
  • face and mouth, and
  • any critical injury.


#4 Night Guards

These dental night guards are created with plastic-based appliances which are meant to be worn at night while sleeping. So that it will help in preventing the teeth from wearing down due to the grinding. These are likewise with the mouth guards as they facilitate the protection of your teeth from nighttime grinding and trauma.


Benefits of nightguards

  • Helps in the prevention of snoring
  • Prevents headache
  • Saves your money
  • Eliminate pain and jaw tensions
  • Prevents tooth damage
  • Facilitate healthy sleep patterns

#5 Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening includes a physical examination conducted by a doctor who sees the symptoms of cancer or any other conditions related to your mouth. The main aim of this process is to identify the cancer of your mouth as early as possible when there are chances of cure.


Benefits of oral cancer screening

  • Not at all expensive
  • Saves your life
  • An easy and simple method




From the above-mentioned services, you may opt for any of them as suggested by the dentist or doctor. Hence, for having the best treatment do visit our clinic Urbn dental.

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